Our first blog back will tell the tale of how BarlogicUK roots began all the way back in 2006 as a customer focused event company and how we have constantly provided great service for our beloved clients over the years.

Sadly, this year, hospitality has been turned upside down and we in the industry have been talking about the effects of the covid-19 pandemic and how it has destroyed all our plans for the summer.

The future is uncertain for so many event companies now, and looking to the future it is hard to see how the best industry in the world (in our humble opinion!) will recover and if things will ever be the same again. We are determined to do so though in our “comeback plan”.

The rise

Barlogic started off as a small plan in my head, the idea was to supply organic beers from our mobile bar travelling all over the country giving great service to friends and customers alike.

There was a gap in the market and a chance meeting inspired Alex to pursue the organic idea. Accompanied with some support from local breweries we started to explore festivals and events all over the country selling amazing organic products. Our range soon grew and before long we transformed into a versatile event company running bars at any type of event, supplying a wide range of product.

Although we were in the market of being diverse and versatile, without a doubt our ethos of being guest focused and understanding of the customers’ needs set the foundations of where we wanted to head as a mobile events company.

Word of mouth was very much our best friend. We grew quickly, and our ability to work well with our peers in the industry and hand in hand with promoters was key to our success. Putting the customer’s needs first no matter the situation enhanced our reputation.

Around the same time Barlogic started running bars for Ralli Hall in Hove. The venue specialised in dancing and there were weekly events in this sector, as well as our own productions and many other promotions being held there from theatre nights to masquerade balls.

When forming Barlogic one of my main priorities was to go the extra mile, and to give the best customer service, to stand out and leave a positive memorable mark on our clients. This mentality was born from working for American style companies in my early bartending years.

Being personable and talking to my customers about product descriptions, showing passion and a love for the industry and having a smile on my face all the time all went towards enhancing the customer experience, and gave a sense of making people feel special.

The main aim for Barlogic is to make sure that whoever our clientele is, whether it be a group of forty year old festival goers at the amazing Chilfest having a Pimms session, or a cooperate private function high above the London skyline drinking our finest selection of tailored cocktails, each customer gets the same amazing high standard of service every time.

This is a standard way of thinking for all of our staff at Barlogic who receive the highest customer service based training in the industry. Putting that extra effort in has always been our goal and we have received previous high praise with a nomination in the festival awards and loyalty from our long serving members of staff, of whom some have been with us for the whole journey so far.

The pause

I think we can all agree 2020 hasn’t been the best year for anyone! The horrific events happening worldwide are too long to list and we do not want to dwell (too much!) on the negatives, Covid is here and things have changed dramatically in our industry.

This pandemic has hit the event industry (in our opinion) the hardest due to the fact there is a massive risk of infection in confined areas where people congregate. Bars and restaurants have suffered with products going out of date creating huge waste bills, furloughed staffing and horrific revenue losses.

Large and small UK outdoor and indoor festivals have all been cancelled. Private functions such as parties and wedding all having to postpone. From airport pubs, to drum and bass clubs nobody has escaped in the event industry, it has been calamitous.

The effect has been massive in terms of loss of functions and serving our customers but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We have seen bar companies adopting different methods to generate revenue like on-line courses, zoom masterclasses and cocktail gift boxes.

For us we have taken the opportunity to take a step back from Barlogic services and think of new and exciting ways to go forward in the future once lockdown starts to ease, we are not going to grumble and instead use this as a platform for some much needed company TLC.

This pandemic will sadly hurt our industry for months and take a long time to get back to normal. Social distancing will be in full effect and some new rules are being implemented but we will survive and come back stronger.

The comeback

Whilst we have been on a break from serving our beloved customer’s we have decided to totally revamp our way of networking with people, this will be done mainly through social media. We all know this is nothing new, however it has been an area we feel needs reinvigorating for some time.
Although We have used social media before, (having some effect) we will have more of an emphasis on content, prizes and showing you guys what we do best. We want you all to join our comeback journey!

Barlogic will be adding new content comprising of products we supply to customers, utilising new digital photography editing to really make our pictures stand out from the rest. We want our passion to shine through for you all to enjoy.

You will have a chance to get to know the staff who are providing you with our top quality service, and share with you all new ideas for cocktails and drinks. We want you to feel part of our family.

Another venture will be looking into is wedding hire. This is an event area Barlogic has been part of before. We will be really pushing this part of our business model as we are so keen to make every special day even better! Look out for our fantastic friend referral schemes and our fantastic social media offers we will be running.

The Barlogic team will be looking into creating blogs so you the customer can keep up with our new products, new menu ideas and new age ideas of how we will be building our business and how we will achieve this going forward. This is also a great way of interacting with us so if you would like us to do an article on a chosen subject please let us know.

One thing we won’t be changing is our high quality service and customer interaction. We pride ourselves at Barlogic for our strength in customer service. Everyone who works for our company has the highest standards of service and this will never change. A customer focused company we will always be.

Stay safe and see you on all our platforms soon …….