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Barlogic has great ways to save the costs of events, our deals run throughout the year, book early for 2016 and receive a bottle of bubbly for your party on us!

BarLogic gives you 3 corking great deals to help you save money…

OK, Let’s face it… Events, functions , parties and drinking (as lovely as they are) are costly affairs… So you want to save money – you need to save money wherever and however you can. Right? … Let BarLogic help.

Well A) BarLogic can not only help you save by helping you plan your event cost effectively …but B) also gives you something back with our special ‘book early deal’ …as our way of saying ‘thanks’ for choosing us  :-)
Calling upon our extensive experience in event drinks planning, we can save you money by helping you cost effectively plan your drinks menu. Call us to discuss your event, discuss your drinks and arrange a wine tasting session to help you decide.
How tasty is that! …We help ensure you plan and order the right mix of drinks, at the right quality, at the right quantity, at the right price so your guests are happy, your event is a success and we’ve helped you save money by planning efficiently – AND THAT’S NOT ALL with our great ‘thank you’ deal….

1. Simply book your 2015 event, wedding, party, or function in 2014 with us.

The fine print: There isn’t any yet :-) Simply book your event with BarLogic for savings.

2. Book our cash bar for 100 guests or more.

The fine print: This offer only applies to all your events inviting 100 guests or more.

3. BarLogic gives you the first £100 of drinks for you and your guests or family – FOC with our compliments saving you a very handy £100!

The fine print: This is a great £100 VIP treat for your special guests, friends and family attending your event – greatly appreciated by your guests and saving you money.

Ladies and gentlemen… please raise your glasses to a great wedding offer from your host BarLogic – Our FREE Pimms Reception

…Your guests arrive at your reception and each receives a lovely refreshing chilled glass of Pimms – FREE OF CHARGE – lovely for your guests and lovely for your bank balance!

To claim this offer –

1. You simply book with 80 guests of more

The fine print: You must book 80+ guests arriving.

2. Book BarLogic to provide wine and champagne for your meal

The fine print: Only BarLogic can provide the wine and champagne for your meal.

3. Hire our BarLogic Cash Bar at your event for the day.

… and if that isn’t enough, we’ll even design the wine menus to your taste.

Why not ‘Smash-Back’ the ‘Cash- Back’ by booking the complete BarLogic bar hire package – that is our reception, wine and cash bar – then…

The fine print: Basically whatever your guests spend at the BarLogic bar – we will give you 10% back in the form of cash or vouchers – of your choice after the event – which could come in very handy for some extra honeymoon spending money!

1. Whatever your guests spend on the day at your wedding, party or event at your BarLogic bar on the day -

The fine print: See above.

2. We will give you 10% CASH BACK after the event… which will come in very handy!

The fine print:  See above.

3. You shake our hand for being your pal!


In the event of cancellation all deposits are non refundable. Please see terms of contract.


…Look out for more corking great offers each month from BarLogic.


Alex Duke of BarLogic says…

“Normal terms and conditions apply but whichever way you look at it, this is a great deal and a great money saving offer for your forthcoming event, party, wedding or function!”